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Does your ladder reach all the places you need to reach? Is it easy to carry? Does it fit comfortably on a stairway? What about complete safety against a wall? No?

Introducing the VERSALADDER, the 33 position in 1 multi functional ladder you can rely on.

The VERSALADDER is the most compact, easy-to-use and easy-to-carry ladder around. It reaches all those high, hard to reach places with ease, without compromising on safety. It is durable, hardwearing and strong and is certain to make life easier and more productive.

It includes several sizes of A-Frame Stepladders, Wallclimbers, Stairway ladders and Extension ladders. It can even turn into two separate ladders. You will not need a second person to hold it for you and it will not take up valuable space in your home. It is easy to move, easy to transport and easy store and so is perfect for those jobs away from home as well as in the home.

As an added bonus you can also purchase the work platform which compliments the VERSALADDER perfectly. The work platform fits snugly on the VERSALADER and can be used to hold your work tools.


  • Multi-functional, 33 position ladder. Straight Ladder Minimum 193 cm / Maximum 304 cm, Step Ladder Minimum 95 cm / Maximum 149 cm. Max Load - 150kg.
  • Telescoping Ladder. It is easy to use and folds up.
  • BS EN131 tested.
  • Made of Aluminium.
  • Easy lock: one-person operation and adjustment.
  • Strong, safe and portable
  • Anti-slip ribbing on rungs, with rubber feet!


  • Aluminium Ladder
  • (2 x 3 steps straight,
  • 1 x 3 steps step ladder)
  • Instructions

The VERSALADDER has structural components that are 4x the strength of a typical hardware store ladder. That was shown on the torque strength test where the typical store ladder could only handel 30 pound feet of torque. But the box section of the VERSALADDER handeled at least 120 pound feet of torque. This proves to me that there is no comparison between the safety and stability of the VERSALADDER compared to a typical hardware store ladder.

Eric Larsen
Mechanical Engineer


We are professional performers, and Joni and I worked on apparatus' before...we have always been afraid to work on ladders just because of the structure, we have never trusted them. We're afraid to get up on them for the fear they might break, twist, collapse, snap under pressure. We found with the VERSALADDER; the wide footing, the structure, they way they put it together; we totally trust it. Absolutely!

Joni Hanneman & Charles Wilson
Fuzion (Performing gymnasts from Las Vegas)


The thing I like about the VERSALADDER is that when you are up on it, there's no creaking, no moaning, it's very sturdy and you don't feel any kind of fear when you are up there.

Crystal & Dominic Rodgers
Home Inspector


I can buy 4 different ladders, and I still wouldn't accomplish what the VERSALADDER accomplishes.

Joe Newman
Professional Window Cleaner


The VERSALADDER is very handy; it's small and compact. You can carry it with one arm.

Jesse Coretto


The most benefit I see out of the VERSALADDER is that I am using 1 ladder that I used to carry 3 or 4 ladders for. The other big benefit is the compact size. I can transport it in a car, which my other ladders require me to transport in a larger vehicle.

Barry Lee
Insurance Agent/Home Restoration Specialist


In my business, I am on the roof, down low, up high, and in between a lot of times during the day, even in the same hour. With the VERSALADDER all I have to do is bring it in and change its position and I don't have to run back to the truck. It saves time, saves money. It's a great product.

Jeff Chenes


I like the VERSALADDER because it is safe and sturdy. My husband being such a big guy; I really stress out when he gets on top of these fiberglass ladders that we have. And with the VERSALADDER I feel very safe.

Melanie, Miranda, Alan Miller
On-Air Radio Personality


What's important to me is the stability. At my age I can't afford a fall. I felt very uncomfortable on other ladders, and I feel very safe and secure on the VERSALADDER.

Peggy Newman





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