As seen on The Gadget Show

If you’re into your gadgets like we are at Thane, you’ll already know about the Channel 5 series, The Gadget Show – and why we’re so excited to have featured in one of the show’s brand-new episodes.

On the hit show, the team of tech experts test and talk through some of the latest gadgets and technological breakthroughs. From video cameras to cleaning products, the team advise viewers on what they should and shouldn’t be buying right now.

Check out the episode and watch the presenters put our H2O e3 Cleaning System through its paces!

Or if you’d like to know more about our top household gadgets – and read real customer reviews – we’ve put together a quick overview below. Starting with…

H2O e3 Cleaning System

The H2O e3 is an eco-friendly cleaning product that kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses. Using only water and salt to create its revolutionary S-Water, it can cut through grease and grime, as well as sanitise and deodorise multiple surfaces. Plus, without harsh chemicals, it’s safe for you to use in your home, and around your family and pets.

Real people, real reviews

“Absolutely great it does everything that is advertised! My house has never looked so clean!”


Ms R.

“Glad I bought this, it's perfect for cleaning my hall and kitchen so easy to use no nasty chemicals, solution only take minutes to make up and the accessories are fantastic.”


John M.

Zaahn UV Clean & Pure

The Zaahn UV Clean & Pure is a portable air purifier that can safely neutralise and kill odour causing bacteria around your home. The Zaahn UV Clean & Pure uses a combination of UV-C waves and turbine technology to clean the air you breathe. As well as its compact design, it works silently and won’t keep you up at night.

 Zaahn Ultra Chill

The Zaahn Ultra Chill is a 6-in1 evaporative cooler and humidifier that filters clean, crisp air around your home. With its clever cooling system, you can create your own personal chill zone during warmer months. It is compact and portable too. Use it around your home or take it with you when you travel. It also has an aroma chamber, which when used with essentials oils, creates a calming atmosphere.

 Real people, real reviews

“It’s so cooling and really helps you to relax. The aromatic spray is wonderful and I have never regretted purchasing this wonderful machine.”


Alan H.

 “Helps me have a restful night sleep and wake up refreshed. Fan noise puts me to sleep. great product and cools the room down.”


Robert R.

Orbitrek X17

The Orbitrek X17 is the first ever multi-path trainer that has 17 different burn paths and combines the movements from 5 different workouts into 1 machine. Its dual crank mechanism generates unique, ever-changing burn paths, which activate more muscles and burn 34% more calories than a traditional exercise bike. It’s as if you’re training on natural terrain!

Real people, real reviews

“So pleased with my Orbitrek machine! The changing rotations make for a really challenging workout for all my muscles and the resistance settings make it easy to focus on cardio exercise to! Quality piece of kit!”


Mel G.

“Great piece of kit small footprint and great to get your heart rate up. For the price its great value just make sure the pedal shank nut is tight or even apply thread lock as it can work loose, other than that you won't find a machine for the price as good as this is.”