Bike Nook and cycleGuard

Welcome to Thane

cycleGuard and Bike Nook are proud to be in partnership together, offering new customers a 10% discount off cycleGuard insurance and Bike Nook products. So whether you’re looking for a product designed to help you save valuable floor space whilst keeping your bike secure or cycle insurance that lets you ride with confidence, regardless of how you put your two wheels to use, we’ve got you covered.

Why cycleGuard?

With over 20 years’ experience in cycle insurance, we’ve seen a lot of things change. Household insurance may not provide the level of cover you need when you’re serious about cycling, such as cover when away from home, accidental damage, cover whilst competing or public liability protection – essential cover features for any keen cyclist. That’s why we advise you check your policy with your current provider to ensure all your needs are covered. If they aren’t, that’s where a specialist insurance provider like cycleGuard can help, so you can find cover that’s right for your equipment and favourite rides. We’re as serious about cycling as you are, so take a look at our policy features below.

Why Bike Nook?

We all know the safest place to store your bicycle is actually inside your home, but who wants to drill holes into walls or be limited to one location. Bike Nook is the smart new way to quickly, easily and safely store any bicycle in your home without the need to pull out the dreaded drill. Brought to you by Thane, one of the country’s favourite home shopping channels, Bike Nook is designed to help you save valuable floor space with it’s easy set up and upright design. Whether you have a mountain racer or a child’s bike, the Bike Nook adjusts to any height and uniquely for a bicycle stand can help you save up to 3 & 1/2 feet of floor space.

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