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WonderCore® Smart

Fitness product designed to target your entire core from upper, middle and lower abs, to obliques in 6 great exercises plus cardio

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Twist & Shape

Twist your way to toned with this fun, twisting workout

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H2O HD® – Advanced Steam Cleaner

The evolution of our award winning steam cleaner, now enhanced with High Definition features

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AB Doer 360™

Tone Your Abs, Shape Muscles & Burn Calories All With One Easy To Do Movement

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Handy Lux Colours

Light up your life the SMART way with these cordless, safe touch LED bulbs. Plus buy now and get a BONUS 4 pack!

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FlavorStone® Diamond

Your “Do Everything” Pan!
Sear, Grill, Stir Fry, Steam, Saute’, Bake, Fry, Boil, and Much More!

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5 Minute Shaper PRO

Our reverse crunch machine with swivel feature will tone & tighten in just 5 minutes a day

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Wonder Sonic

The Revolutionary Way to DEEP CLEAN Your Face!

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360 Cordless Spinner Vac

The Lightweight, Bendable, Cordless Vac That Vacuums in Any Direction on Any Surface

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3 Payments Of £43.33