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FlavorCHEF™ - 6-in-1 Cooker

FlavorCHEF™ - 6-in-1 Cooker

FlavorCHEF™ - 6-in-1 Cooker

  • 6-in-1 versatile cooker
  • Dual cooking surface
  • 360 degree directional cooking
  • Ultra non-stick coating
  • Accessories available

Regular Price: £99.99
+ 6.99 p&p

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Regular Price: £99.99

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Regular Price: £99.99
+ 6.99 p&p
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FlavorCHEF™ - 6-in-1 Cooker

Twice the flavour in half the time!

The secret is in the dual, high efficiency heating elements and clamshell design that lets you cook from the top and the bottom at the same time.

FlavorChef dual sides

Never overcook with FlavorCHEF™. "Ding" and it's done!

Control time and temperature

You control the time and temperature.
Never overcook as the FlavorCHEF™ will automatically shut off when it is done.



Healthier meals

The FlavorCHEF™’s non-stick surface will let you cook with less oils and fats for healthier meals for the whole family to enjoy.


Forgot to defrost dinner again? No problem!

Flavorchef cooks frozen to fantastic

From frozen to fantastic!

Because the FlavorCHEF™ cooker heats on the top and bottom and all the way around, your meals cook twice as fast. This means with the FlavorCHEF™ cooker you can go from frozen solid to table ready in record time!

frozen to fantastic meals

Superior non-stick for easy cleaning!

The unique gemstone tough non-stick surface means nothing sticks. And that means clean up is a breeze. Just a simple swipe of a damp cloth and you are done.

FlavorChef is nonstick
coating and base layers

FlavorChef™ 6-in-1

frying pan

FlavorCHEF™ is the perfect non-stick frying pan that sears the tastiest steaks every time, with no added oils or fats!

rice cooker

Forget about a rice cooker! FlavorCHEF™ steams fluffy and light - hassle-free!

Pizza maker

Want pizza? FlavorCHEF™ delivers you a delicious, crispy, golden brown crust pizza in minutes!


Don't heat up the oven again!! Use the FlavorCHEF™ 6-in-1 to bake all your delicious desserts!

sandwich maker

You can even use your versatile FlavorCHEF™ with the lid closed to make sensational toasted cheese sandwiches or delicious gooey panini.


Open it flat for a handy dual-surface grill. One side has low edges for easy flipping, while the other has raised edges to keep tasty juices and sauces inside.


Ultimate versatility

flavorchef dinner party

The FlavorCHEF™ cooker’s unique floating hinge design offers tremendous cooking versatility.

Cook with the lid closed and the FlavorCHEF™ cooker acts like a mini-oven. Open it up and the dual non-stick cooking surfaces are perfect for family fun meals or entertaining guests in record time!

Faster cooking speed is our signature and flavour is our first name


Product Dimensions:

  • FlavorCHEF™ unit weight = 3 kg
  • Diameter of cooking interior = 30 cm
  • Depth of cooking interior = 3.5 cm
  • Liquid capacity of cooking interior = 2.75 litres
  • Diameter of flip top grill = 28. 5 cm

FlavorCHEF™ includes:

FlavorCHEF™ 6-in-1 Cooker

Professional Chef Tongs

FlavorCHEF™ Owner's Manual & Recipe Guide



I thought this was just another grill, but it is so much more. I thought it was a shame the plates didn't detach for cleaning in the dishwasher. I needn't have worried, this is so much more than just a grill. I can do so much more than I imagined in the Flavor Chef and cleaning up afterwards is a dawdle, no need for detachable plates, these are so easy to clean, just wipe, no scrubbing or elbow grease required. The only thing that limits you from doing what you want in the Flavor Chef is your imagination.

Bob Howie

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