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Healthy eating and getting your 5 a day has never been easier with the ThunderStick™. Its' high quality build, powerful 500 watt motor and up to 17.000rpm, with sharp and durable blades means that great tasting, nutritious food can also be fast food! Plus, with the food processor attachment and its four Vortex action blades you'll be whizzing up delicious food for the whole family!

ThunderStick™ as a stick blender

ThunderStick™ as a stick blender:

Your ThunderStick™ comes complete with three blades that make food preparation as easy as A, B, C!

The A-blade aerates for low fat whipped fruity desserts, luxury home made coffees, light, fluffy pancakes and milkshakes you'll become famous for!

The B-blade blends delicious, nutritious soups, instant mayonnaise, mouth-watering mash and the best homemade baby food.

The C-blade chops whole peanuts for homemade peanut butter, pesto sauces, fresh, healthy smoothies and so much more.

ThunderStick™ as a Food Processor

ThunderStick™ as a Food Processor:

Simply attach the Power Wand to the ThunderStick™ food processor and away you go! The four durable blades create a vortex action meaning your food is chopped evenly from the top to the bottom. Its' smooth yet powerful action means perfect results each and every time. Homemade salsas, freshly grated Parmesan plus the additional slicing and grating blades mean it's one of the most versatile kitchen tools you'll ever own. When you're chopping onion, chilies and garlic you'll have the job done in no time. And no more smelly hands or teary eyes! It's so tough it will even crush ice for cocktails or homemade ice-cream!

Save yourself time and effort in the kitchen, feel great about eating more healthily and save yourself money. With the ThunderStick™!

Available (not included) ThunderStick™ Accessories:

1.5 ltr Jug

ThunderStick™ 1.5L Blender Jug ideal for your homemade smoothies, cold soups, vegetables and juices! The Blender Jug has a non-slip base and a storage lid so that no food goes to waste!

Mini Chopper

And ThunderStick™ Chopper 200ml capacity, ideal for chopping all your onions, peppers, chilies, garlic and even meat, you'll have the job done in no time and also has a non-slip base and storage lid!

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Posted on Oct 13, 2012, 10:39 am by Maureen

Thank you for restocking this amazing blender. I bought one years ago and was getting ready for a new one. Does all it says and more. Can't thank you enough

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