How the Orbitrek X17 trains your muscles like no other exercise machine

How the Orbitrek X17 trains your muscles like no other exercise machine

Exercise machines are a great idea in principle. For less than the cost of a gym membership, you can buy something that keeps you fit, without you ever having to leave the house. If you like spin classes, go for an exercise bike. If you like a more well-rounded workout, choose a cross-trainer. Trouble is, you can get bored of these exercise machines pretty quickly.

The problem is they are repetitive. After a week of riding your static exercise bike, or doing the same old routine on your cross-trainer, it all becomes a bit samey. You lose enthusiasm, you find it difficult to motivate yourself and before you know it, you’re sticking the machine on eBay.

Orbtitrek X17 varies your workout to greater effect

The inventor of the Orbitrek X17 spent years researching exercise machines, concluding most were just too one-dimensional to keep people engaged while they exercise. His solution was to develop a unique dual-crank system. This ingenious mechanism constantly changes your footpath and workload automatically while you work out. These varying ‘burn paths’ result in you activating more muscle groups and burning up to 34 times more calories than you do on a standard exercise machine.

Multiple exercise machines in one

Most exercise machines do only one thing well. What’s unique about the Orbitrek X17 is that it gives you the workout of 5 machines in one simple unit. It doubles as a stepper, treadmill, stair machine, cross-trainer and exercise bike – all in the same workout.

Orbitrek X17 mimics the challenges of exercise outdoors

Humans are built to be mobile and to be able to train across varying terrains. Think about it: if you’re a jogger, you get the best workout when you run up and downhill, across flat roads and up steps. The genius of the Orbitrek X17 is that it mimics the kind of optimum workout you get from exercising outdoors. And because it’s so varied, you don’t find yourself getting bored after a couple of weeks.

Packed with smart features

The dual-crank mechanism inside the Orbitrek X17 isn’t the only piece of smart technology it puts at your disposal. This is a machine that’s packed with neat features. The interactive electronic dashboard allows you to track your workout and personal bests. You also have the option to upgrade the software and receive customised workouts that match your fitness levels and goals. It has ergonomic adjustable handles and wide foot-plates, so no matter what your height, weight, or shoe size, you can train safely and securely.

Then there’s the little things that set the machine apart. For one thing, it’s whisper quiet. You can work out in the evening while your partner watches TV and they’d barely notice you’re there. And to top it all off, it’s fitted with roller wheels, so it’s easy to store when you’re not working out (though in our experience, you’ll be so hooked you won’t ever want to put it away!).

Ideal for beginners and athletes alike

Orbitrek X17 gives you 8 resistance levels, which you lock in with a simple turn of your wrist. What’s great is that even Level 1 provides a solid workout. You may find it takes you a bit of time to work up to Level 2. But that’s half the fun. Every time you reach another level of resistance, you feel like you’ve accomplished something. And because the workouts never get boring, you’ll find you keep coming back for more.

In short, the Orbitrek X17 is a cardio workout machine that will change the way you work out forever. Find out how you can reach your fitness goals with the Orbitrek X17 here.