Choose Your Ideal Elliptical Cross Trainer or Pedal Exerciser from Orbitrek

Cross trainers are one of the most popular items of home gym equipment, and the Orbitrek range has a model to suit every fitness goal, from burning calories and losing weight to improving muscle strength and keeping active.

Home workout fans love our Orbitrek cross trainers and pedal exercisers for their space-saving compact footprint and low-impact elliptical exercise programmes, with more than 2 million Orbitrek ellipticals sold worldwide.

Gym membership fees can be expensive, so investing in a good quality cross trainer or pedal exerciser will save you money and help you avoid the crowds and the competition for exercise machines at your local gym. Now you can own innovative gym standard exercise equipment and reach your fitness goals in comfort at home any time, day or night.

Which cross trainer is right for you?

An upright, rear-wheel drive cross trainer like the Orbitrek X17 or Orbitrek Elite is perfect if you are looking for a whole-body workout that is low-impact, activates more muscles and burns more calories in less time.

The Orbitrek X17 cross trainer has 5 modes – elliptical, cycling, treadmill, stepper and stair climbing – so you can vary your exercise routine to alleviate boredom. And 17 ever-changing burn paths to help you activate more muscles, reduce workout time and hit your fitness goals faster. The Orbitrek Elite features one-touch resistance control, super-quiet operation and on board motivational electronics that track your time, distance and calories burned.

Both our innovative home cross trainer machines use low-impact elliptical exercise paths to help you get a total body workout without putting stress on your joints. And by combining a great aerobic workout that burns calories with fantastic resistance training that builds stronger, leaner upper and lower body muscles, you benefit from two workouts in one! You can choose between slow and steady cardio workouts or high-intensity interval training, all on the same machine.

Would a pedal exerciser suit your lifestyle better?

Our innovative pedal exercisers are compact mini-cross trainers ideal for busy lifestyles. Choose from the motorised Orbitrek MX or the adjustable resistance Orbitrek MN for a low-impact workout you can do while you work, read or watch TV.

The Orbitrek MX is a motorised elliptical pedal exerciser with programmes and 5 speeds, so you can easily adjust your workout with the handy remote control to suit your fitness goals. Complete with a digital fitness monitor, you can track time, speed, calories and distance while you exercise.

The Orbitrek MN features a ‘turn and burn’ resistance dial, so you can vary the resistance for muscle toning and calory burning. Improve your mobility and support recovery from injury and illness with the low-impact elliptical movement. 

Both pedal exercisers fit neatly under a desk or table, so you can exercise in comfort while you get on with life. Both are scientifically designed to eliminate stress on your joints while exercising your heart and helping to promote weight loss.

Orbitrek X17 - Elliptical Trainer, Cross Trainer Machine & Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Orbitrek X17 - Elliptical Cross Trainer

This innovative 5-in-1 elliptical exercise machine is scientifically proven to burn 34% more calories, in less time. With 17 burn paths and 5 exercise formats, you’ll get a whole-body workout that combines aerobic and anerobic exercise. Simulating elliptical, stepper, cycling, climbing and treadmill workout routines, the X17 is a truly versatile, all-in-one home gym machine.


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“Best workout machine I have ever used” - Katie W

Orbitrek MX - Elliptical Trainer, Cross Trainer Machine, Pedal Exerciser & Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Orbitrek MX - Motorised Pedal Exerciser

A low-impact home exercise machine and seated motorised elliptical trainer that will help improve your circulation, balance and mobility and strengthen your calves and quads. Suitable for all ages, lifestyles and abilities, the MX features a handy remote control to switch effortlessly between training modes and 5 speed levels.


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“Love the Orbitrek MX. Very easy to use” - Sandra G

Orbitrek Elite - Elliptical Trainer, Cross Trainer Machine & Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Orbitrek Elite - Cross Trainer

A sleek, compact elliptical home fitness machine that gives you a total body workout with adjustable one-touch resistance control, and an on-board motivational digital display that tracks time, distance and calories burned. The Orbitrek Elite cross trainer comes with 12 months free access to our online fitness portal with streaming workouts to help you design your ideal exercise routine.


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“I think it’s a fantastic machine” - Barbara M

Orbitrek MN - Elliptical Trainer, Cross Trainer Machine, Pedal Exerciser & Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Orbitrek MN - Seated Elliptical Exerciser

Tone your muscles and burn calories as you actively sit with the Orbitrek MN under-desk elliptical, the low-impact mini cross trainer that keeps you active while you read, work or watch TV. Boost your energy levels, turn up the resistance intensity to suit your workout goals and enjoy all the advanced features of this compact pedal exerciser.


Why are cross trainers andpedal exercisers so popular?

Many of us lead hectic lives and find it difficult to fit an exercise routine difficult into our busy schedules. Investing in home exercise equipment like these cross trainers and pedal exercisers means that you can always find time to work out, even for just a few minutes a day. And owning an Orbitrek allows you to get your daily exercise done while you’re doing other things, like watching a TV show or listening to music.

You’ll save time, and money too, avoiding costly gym membership fees and travel expenses. You can exercise in the privacy of your own home any time that suits you, and the whole family can enjoy the benefits of your home gym equipment. 

Our compact machines have such a small footprint that you can easily tuck them into a convenient corner. And the scientifically designed low impact exercise routines mean that you can stay fit and healthy without putting stress on your joints. 

Whatever your fitness goals, from burning calories and losing weight to improving muscle strength and keeping active or recovering from illness or injury, a cross trainer or pedal exerciser can help. Suitable for all ages, lifestyles and abilities, it’s no wonder the Orbitrek range of home fitness products are so popular.

Invest in your fitness and your lifelong health today with one of these innovative workout machines.

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