How to keep your living room germ-free the green way

How to keep your living room germ-free the green way

The Government has put new rules in place. We must stay at home in order to take pressure off medical professionals and protect each other from the spread of Coronavirus. 

This means your living room will be seeing a lot more activity than usual this spring. Whether it’s the place where you’ll be working from home, carrying out exercise routines or simply spending time with your family – we’ve got the solution you need to keep your space clean and hygienic.

What cleaning products should you use?

In our recent article, How to keep your bathroom germ-free the green way, we introduced you to the award-winning H2O steam cleaning range. From the H2O HD steam cleaner, to the H2O X5 steam cleaner, to the H2O e3 natural cleaning system, every product in the range offers an effective solution to combat the spread of the virus.

Each H2O product can clean, sanitise and deodorise your home to a high standard – and they have been proven to kill 99% of harmful bacteria. H2O cleaning products are also eco-friendly, as they only use natural ingredients. So, you’ll be helping to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, as well as protecting your family, your home and the environment from toxic fumes and chemicals.

It’s also worth knowing that cloths and traditional mops can spread germs further if they are not properly disinfected.

What do you need to clean in your living room?

The current viral outbreak has made us all extra cautious, both in terms of our own hygiene and the cleanliness of our surroundings.

It’s particularly important to keep high traffic areas in your home sanitised. These are surfaces that are frequently touched, which can make it easier for harmful pathogens to spread.

In your living room you should focus on cleaning:

  • Door handles
  • Light switches
  • Remote controls
  • TV buttons
  • Computers and keyboards
  • Tables and chairs

The H2O e3 natural cleaning system

To ensure all your surfaces are properly sanitised, why not invest in the H2O e3 natural cleaning system? It’s designed for every job, every day and everywhere!

 With super sanitising powers, due to its revolutionary cleaning technology, you’ll feel reassured that your family are safe. The H2O e3 only needs tap water and table salt to work. It’s eActivator emits low levels of electricity to produce a powerful cleaning solution called S-Water.

S-Water mimics technology that is used in hospitals, in order to ensure our food is produced safely and our hospitals are kept free from dangerous germs. This form of electrolyzed water has been proven to kill 99% of bacteria, such as E.coli and S. Aureus.

The H2O e3 can sanitise multiple surfaces, including those we’ve listed above and different types of flooring. Plus, thanks to its handy attachments and accessories, like the eSprayer, you can easily clean smaller appliances around your home.

As part of the H2O range, the e3 is eco-friendly – making it the ideal replacement for all those harsh chemical cleaners. By using green cleaning methods, you’ll be doing you bit to protect not only you and your family, but the environment too.

For lightweight, fast and powerful cleaning solutions to help you stop the spread of infection, click here and view the full H2O range.