Top Tips for Keeping Your Dog Clean

Top Tips for Keeping Your Dog Clean

While the start of a new year may feel like the perfect time to stay indoors and keep warm, your dog will have different ideas. So not only do you have to get used to dragging yourself out into the cold when it’s walkies time, but you’ve also got to put up with muddy pawprints and dirty fur, too. That means you need to get comfortable with pet cleaning. So, here are a few tips from the dog owners amongst us.

How often should you clean your dog?

Your dog needs frequent baths, but what does that mean exactly? Are we talking every day, or a couple of times a week that you have to set aside time for ‘pet cleaning’? Not quite. Remember that every time you wash your dog, you remove protective oils from their coat. So, you need to tread carefully. Look at this this way: if your dog loves the outdoors and frequently rolls around in all kinds of gunge, bath him more frequently. As a general rule, dogs with shorter hair on their coats need bathing more regularly. Likewise, if your dog is prone to skin complaints, it’s sensible to clean them with pet safe cleaning products.

How to bathe a dog that hates water

If your dog doesn’t like getting wet, bath time can be a bit of a nightmare. A good tip is to help your dog feel comfortable in the bathroom first. Start by offering treats each time you enter the bathroom – let him play with his toys too. Then, pop your dog in the bath itself but without any water, to help him get familiar with the bathing area. Finally, start to pet your dog, or even brush him, using gentle strokes, to help him feel relaxed as you start to gently fill up the tub with water. One last tip is to take your dog on a long walk before bath time. That way, he’ll feel tired and more docile, making the whole process go smoothly.

How to clean a dog's face

Your dog probably dips his nose into all sorts of places, from his doggie bowl to the rubbish bin. So, his face will need a bit of TLC now and again. The best time to wash your dog’s face is at bath-time, but you need to do it carefully. Always use a soft, damp flannel or sponge. You don’t want it too wet, or your dog will try and shake away the water. Be gentle but firm. There may be dried-on bits of food or dirt that need to be lightly scrubbed away. Try giving him lots of positive encouragement as you go to help set him at ease.

Here's what pet cleaning products to use

There are a few handy tools that’ll make cleaning your dog that little bit easier. A strong brush will help you brush away any excess dirt. It’s also worth having a soft washcloth, which you can use to clean the more sensitive areas on your dog’s body. And cotton balls should be used to stop water getting into your dog’s ears. In terms of pet safe cleaning products, it’s worth trying a hypoallergenic shampoo. Massage it deep into the fur so that you clean both the topcoat and the undercoat. Don’t forget to keep a handful of treats nearby to keep your dog focused and relaxed.

And if you’re looking for pet safe ways to keep your house clean...

Even the most well-behaved dog can have the occasional accident. With that in mind, you’re always going to need a range of pet safe cleaning products you can count on. Two products that our pet-owner customer tell us are a godsend are the Thane H2O HD for steam cleaning and the Thane H2O e3 activator system. The Thane H2O HD comes with a range of brushes and floor mops which help you clean up after your pet in a way that’s safe and hygienic. The Thane H2O e3 activator is a clever device that uses salt and tap water to create two powerful oxidants. These are totally safe to use around your pet and help to keep your home clean, sanitized and deodorized, too.

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