Why you can’t kill germs with water alone...but you can with S-Water

Why you can’t kill germs with water alone...but you can with S-Water

Germs live all around us and most of the time that’s no bad thing. Being exposed to certain germs helps our bodies build up a strong immune system. But there are other germs which really aren’t very good for us. Many of these live in water, like E. coli, which can give you gastroenteritis, for example.

Thanks to the good water quality we have in the UK, this isn’t something we have to worry about too often. However, when water isn’t handled or stored properly, there are times when it can become unsafe to drink. You may have experienced occasions when your water supply has been cut off, for essential maintenance works to be completed, for example. Then when the water is switched back on, it’s cloudy in appearance. At times like these you need to protect yourself. Most harmful bacteria are eliminated in water that’s over 65℃. But to be on the safe side, it’s recommended you boil the water before you consume it.

How to kill germs that live on surfaces

It’s not something many of us like to think about, but the fact is many of the surfaces in your home can harbour germs. In particular, the surfaces that you touch frequently. You can do your best to reduce these germs by using standard cleaning products. The trouble is that a lot of the cleaning products you get in the supermarket are made with toxic chemicals, which not everyone is comfortable having around the home

So, what can you do? Sadly, you can’t eliminate germs by using water alone. But there is a way of killing germs using water, table salt and a little bit of electricity.

Make S-Water, your own non-toxic sanitizer, with the Thane H2O e3 system

The Thane H2O e3 is a natural cleaning system that does triple duty as a cleaner, antibacterial spray and deodorizer for your entire home. It works by transforming table salt and tap water into an electrolyzed cleaning solution we call S-Water. The Thane H2O e3 device passes an electrical current through the saltwater solution. This breaks the water and salt molecules apart, producing hypochlorous acid (HClO) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH).

Hypochlorous acid is a powerful oxidant that’s known to kill bacteria. In fact, it’s the same substance our white blood cells produce when fighting infection. Sodium hydroxide, meanwhile, is a type of detergent. You find it in various household products, from toothpaste to all-purpose cleaners. Combined, the hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide present in S-Water work to break down and eliminate dirt, germs and odours.

Yet while S-Water makes an extremely powerful cleaning solution, it is completely non-toxic, making it safe to use around your home – even if you have children or pets.

Discover how you can keep your home germ-free using nothing but S-Water, here.