20 minute recipes under 600 calories

A healthy, balanced diet is an essential part of fitness. What, and how much, you eat affects how you look and feel. So, if you’re trying to lose weight, it might be a good idea to adjust your calorie intake.

To get you started, here are some low-calorie recipes that you can rustle up in 20 minutes. And if you think slimming down means you can’t be satisfied, think again. These recipes are rich in flavour, fun to make and add variety to your daily meals.

Each one can be whipped up in the FlavorStone Diamond range, too. Thanks to its innovative non-stick surface, you don’t need to use oils when cooking – making your dishes even healthier. Plus, you’ll find washing up much easier. As we say, “No Mess, No Stress, Just Time To Impress!”

Try these low-calorie recipes in your FlavorStone Diamond

20 minute pomegranate chicken with almond couscous

The best thing about chicken breasts? They’re healthy! And when covered in this fruity, sweet sauce, they’re anything but boring.


200g couscous

1 chicken stock cube

1 large red onion, halved and thinly sliced

600g chicken mini fillets

4 tbsp tagine spice paste or 2 tbsp harissa

190ml bottle pomegranate juice (not sweetened; we used Pom Wonderful)

100g pack pomegranate seeds

100g pack toasted flaked almond

small pack mint, chopped

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20 minute dan dan noodles

This noodle recipe is a healthy and low-calorie alternative to your favourite takeaway. It’s easy to make, too. Try it today!


dried chilli flakes ½ tsp

Szechuan peppercorns ¼ tsp, crushed

lean pork mince 200g

spring onions 4, with white and green separated

light soy sauce 2 tbsp

medium egg noodles 100g

shaoxing rice wine 1 tbsp

sesame oil 1 tsp

peanuts 1 tbsp, chopped

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20 minute pea, broccoli and pesto ravioli

Struggling to find a speedy, low-calorie pasta dish? We’ve got it. This ravioli recipe might only have 6 ingredients, but it’s filled with all the good stuff


long-stemmed broccoli 200g, chopped into bite-sized pieces

frozen peas 100g

spinach and ricotta ravioli 250g pack

lemon 1, zested and juiced

fresh pesto 4 tbsp

parmesan (or veggie alternative) finely grated to make 2 tbsp

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20 minute Korean beef and rice bowl

Here’s a bowl of goodness for you. This recipe is bursting with vibrant colours, exciting textures and a whole lot of nutrients.


125g (41⁄2oz) sirloin steak, fat removed

2 tsp rice vinegar

pinch of chilli flakes

1⁄4 tsp honey

20g (3⁄4oz) red cabbage, shredded

4 stalks tenderstem broccoli

70g (2¼oz) carrot, sliced into strips

8 stalks of ruby or regular chard

90g (3oz) cooked quinoa and wholegrain rice mix

pinch of black sesame seeds

a few coriander leaves (optional)

lime wedges (optional)

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