How to get kids into the kitchen using your FlavorStone pan

Getting a FlavorStone pan is a bit like getting a dishwasher. You think you don’t really need one, but as soon as you try it, you wonder how you ever lived without it. And what’s really handy about the FlavorStone pan is that it’s super easy for kids to use, too. With a bit of supervision, you can get your children helping out in the kitchen in no time. 

Brilliant for one-pan wonders

The first thing you notice about the FlavorStone pan is its square shape. Not only does this give you 25% more cooking space than a standard circular pan, it’s ideal for one-pan recipes – making it easy for the kids to join in. Plus, with its cool-touch handle, the pan is safe for older children to carry (under your supervision, of course).

Show your kids how to create a tasty pasta sauce

Encouraging children to cook with you is a great way to get them interested in food and start developing their taste-buds. At school they learn about different food groups but what you can teach them in the kitchen is how to combine different ingredients and create something delicious. How about a tasty pasta sauce to get things started? All you need is a couple of tins of tomatoes, some chopped onions, chopped garlic, a sprinkling of dried herbs, and maybe some fresh tomatoes and mushrooms for extra flavour. It’s a favourite that can feed all the family.

Switch from gentle frying to simmering

You can get your kids to wash the tomatoes for you and even peel the onions, too. Plus, if you want to get them practising their knife skills, you could show them how to chop the mushrooms, which are nice and soft. The onions, garlic and mushrooms can then be dropped into your FlavorStone pan and fried over a low-ish heat. When the onions are just starting to go golden, pour in the tinned tomatoes. Get your children to give everything a good stir now and again to keep things moving. It’s ready when the sauce is nicely reduced and there’s not much liquid left.

Mix the pasta into the sauce with no spilling

Meanwhile, get your kids to weigh out enough pasta for everyone. As a general rule, do about 40-50 grams for each child, then up to 100g for each adult – depending on how hungry they usually are! Cook it according to the packet instructions – around 9-10 minutes in simmering salted water should do it – then when it’s ready drain it into a colander. Once the cooking water has drained away, tip it into your FlavorStone pan and give it a good toss up with all the tasty pasta sauce – with its deep walls you don’t have to worry about spillage.

Plus, the non-stick wipe clean surface means less washing up time after the littles ones have whipped up their pasta dish.

Bring your FlavorStone pan straight to the table and enjoy

If you’ve more than one child, ask one to lay the table and another to make drinks for everyone. If you like cheese on your pasta, have one of your kids get the cheese grater out and grate some up – careful of those fingers! – then you’re all set for a delicious family meal together. A nice way to do it is to bring the FlavorStone pan to the table, using the cool-touch handle. That way, everyone can help themselves.

If you’d like more cooking inspiration, we’ve got some great recipes here. Or, you can go here to find out more about the amazing FlavorStone Pan.