7 garden cleaning jobs you can easily tackle with your H2O cleaner

Late summer is a great time to be out in the garden, getting things tidied up ready for winter. You’ll probably find there are a fair few areas that need your attention, from the conservatory and shed at the back, to the wheelie bins and garage doors at the front of your home. What you may not know is that pretty much all your outdoor cleaning jobs can be tackled with your H2O cleaner. Here are a few to get you started.

Deodorise your smelly wheelie bins

Wheelie bins can get pretty grim, pretty quickly, depending on what you put in them. Baked bean tins, empty cans of beers and sticky food waste all combine to leave a thick, smelly residue on the inside of your bin. This is particularly bad news when the weather’s warm. The stench can quickly ripen, and your bin becomes a haven for flies. You can help matters by making sure you rinse out tins and bottles before you put them in the bin. But if things have got bad, you might have to hit it with the power of steam. Your H2O HD does a great job of both cleaning and deodorising. Rinse out the bin with a hose first, then flip it on its side and mop it out as if you were cleaning a hard floor.  


Get your garden chairs looking back to their best

If you’ve got some plastic furniture in your garden, you’ll know that they’re great in the summertime, but need a bit of TLC during autumn and winter. It’s not so bad when the weather’s dry, but as soon as you have a good spell of rain, your chairs can start to breed garden algae. Now, you can buy all kinds of expensive chemicals from your local DIY store to tackle the job. But actually, you’re better off using your H2O HD steam cleaner. Brush off any excess dirt, then use the jet nozzle to cut through any residual grime.

Cut through the burnt on grime on your BBQ

Enjoying a BBQ with friends has got to be one of the best bits of summer. Cleaning your BBQ after everyone’s gone home... not so much. If you’re a meat eater, you’ll know only too well that chargrilling meat leads to burnt on grime. And that can be pretty tough to shift with nothing but a BBQ brush and some elbow grease. The good news is you can make your life a lot easier, using nothing but salt, water a bit of electricity. The H2O e3 mixes those 3 simple ingredients to create an oxidant with the power not only to cut through tough grease and grime, but to sanitise too. So, not only will your BBQ come out nice and clean, it’ll be free of bacteria, too.

Make light work of cleaning your shed

Your shed doesn’t need an awful lot of looking after. As long as you brush away any cobwebs and leaves now and again and give it a coat of creosote or wood paint every couple of years, it shouldn’t really give you too much trouble. One thing it is worth keeping an eye on is if your shed has windows. Just like the windows outside your home your shed windows can be a magnet for garden grime and algae. There are chemicals designed to cut through this kind of dirt and leave your windows looking ‘sparkling clean’. But really, why would you use chemicals when all you need is steam? The H2O HD, H2O SteamFX Pro and H2O e3 all come with a window squeegee attachment. This gives you a concentrated stream of steam which cuts through garden grime to give your shed windows a streak-free shine.

Keep your kids’ toys hygienically clean

If you’ve got young children, chances are your garden is home to everything from toy cars to climbing frames. Like garden furniture, outdoor toys need looking after to ensure they stay looking their best. Anything exposed to the elements tends to start looking grubby when it’s been sat outside for too long. Likewise, if you’ve got a climbing frame with a slide, you may well find that your local birds use it as their own private toilet! The good news is that you can keep things clean by using your H2O e3. It works by electrolysing simple tap water and table salt. The result is a powerful oxidant which makes light work of garden grime. Even better, it has the power to completely sanitise your children’s toys, too, killing 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses.

Clean up your conservatory windows

If you’ve got a conservatory on your home, you’ll no doubt have noticed how grimy it gets, especially over the winter months. Constant exposure to rainwater means that the roof can quickly become discoloured. There’s also the threat from birds, either leaving their droppings on the glass, or tearing moss from the roof of your house and tossing it down onto the conservatory. The best way we’ve found to keep your conservatory clean is to use an H2O HD steam cleaner. The machine comes with a special window cleaning tool, which looks a bit like a window cleaner’s squeegee. By channelling piping hot steam through a narrow vent, it gives you a concentrated jet which simply glides through the green gunk on your conservatory roof and windows. It’s so satisfying, you’ll find yourself in back in the garden the following weekend looking for more windows to clean!

Make your garage doors look great again

Most garage doors tend to be white, which means they look smart when they’re clean, but somewhat tatty when they’re not. The trouble comes when it rains hard. The rain pounds your driveway, sending grit and dirt onto the garage door, which then dries in the sun. If you leave it too long it ends up sticking and tarnishing the finish on the door. You could try jet washing it with a pressure washer, but this can potentially damage the finish. A better bet would be to try your H20 steam cleaner. A machine like the H2O SteamFX Pro, or the H2O HD both come with a jet nozzle. This creates a powerful jet of steam that you can use to lift dirt away from the garage door and restore its pristine finish.

There’s an H2O cleaner for pretty much every cleaning job you can think of. To explore the full H2O family, go here.