7 must-reads for pet owners during National Pet Month

You might not know this, but April is National Pet Month. It’s a celebration of pet ownership, and a time to reflect on all the positive benefits to owning a pet. We are a nation of pet lovers, with around 45% of us having at least one pet in our household. National Pet Month is an opportunity to share tips and advice on the many benefits of owning a pet. With that in mind, we thought we’d round up and share 7 of our most popular pet-themed articles. Plenty of our customers are pet owners and many of them say their Thane H2O cleaner is really handy for cleaning up pet mess. Have a read and see what you think.  

Why so many UK pet owners say, ‘thank goodness for Thane’

Everyone experienced the 2020 lockdowns differently. For introverted people who are happy in their own company, staying at home was no biggie. But for people who thrive in the company of others, it was tough. Small wonder then that so many people turned to their pets for companionship. Not only are our pets great for our mental health, they’re a good way of getting our kids away from their screens and out of the house for exercise. This article explores the value of pets in more detail and highlights two devices that are perfect for keeping your home clean, hygienic and free from pet odours – the Thane H2O HD and the Thane H2O e3.

Revealed: The Best Way To Clean Up After Your Pets

Do you own a ‘lockdown pet’? The pandemic in 2020 gave rise to a huge upsurge in pet ownership. Of course, lots of people were working from home, too. In some ways that was a positive thing. More time at home means more time to spend with your pet. But it also meant you had to quickly get to grips with your new pet’s mess!

In this short article we reveal two Thane H2O cleaners beloved by pet owners up and down the country. Discover the Thane H2O e3, the ingenious cleaner, sanitiser and deodoriser that’s great for using on pet toys and chews. Plus, the Thane H2O HD, a powerful steam cleaner that makes light work of the mess your pet leaves behind.

How safe are the chemical cleaners you use round your pets?

When you own a pet, you accept that you have to clean up after them. But should you have to accept using harsh and harmful chemicals to do so? We think not. That’s why we wrote this article highlighting the toxic cleaners you need to watch out for. Read on to discover four cleaners that could be fatal to your pet if swallowed, seven poisonous toxins pet owners really should avoid, and two 100% pet-safe cleaners you can trust: the Thane H2O HD and the Thane H2O e3.

Choose kind cleaning that protects your pets

Have you ever taken a moment to read the ingredients list on a bottle of household cleaner? It’s quite a sobering read. What you realise is that many of the household cleaners we use regularly actually contain all sorts of nasty chemicals. That’s bad news if your house is home to pets. For example, if you put a chemical cleaner on your floors and carpets, you need to really rinse thoroughly to avoid your pet getting toxic residue on their paws. But there is a simpler alternative, one that’s chemical free and pet friendly. This article is all about the Thane H2O e3 system, the cleaner that’s kind to kids, pets and the planet.

Cats vs Dogs: which is the easier pet to clean?

Cats are relatively low maintenance pets, right? They come and go as they please, don’t really need to be played with, and certainly do don’t as they’re told. Unlike dogs, who need your attention every day, whether it’s time to go for a walk, or time for a belly rub. But which one is easier to clean? This article scores cats and dogs across five grooming areas – self-grooming, toilet training, smelliness, fur-shedding and general cleanliness – to settle the debate once and for all.

Pet Cleaning FAQs – 6 questions we often get asked

Can steam cleaning get pet wee out of your carpets and soft furnishings? How can you keep your home clean and free of pet allergens? Which pet cleaning products are 100% safe to use? We answer all these questions and more in this quick-read article. Learn about the Thane H2O e3, one of the world’s most effective natural pet cleaning solutions. Plus, why steam cleaning with the Thane H2O HD is the best way we know of to keep your home allergy-free.

5 cleaning tips for dog owners

Dogs love the great outdoors, whatever the weather. This is great news if you love getting out and about too. But it’s not so good if you have an aversion to mud. Muddy paw prints and grubby fur are par for the course when you’re a dog owner. So, in this article we reveal four useful tips for keeping your dog clean and healthy, plus another on how the Thane H2O HD steam cleaner and the Thane H2O e3 cleaner are perfect for keeping your home clean, too.