Discover serious sanitising for all surfaces

If you’re not convinced that one cleaning system can do it all, then let us introduce you to the H2O e3. It’s a true multi-purpose cleaner that swaps harsh chemicals for its very own unique solution: S-Water. It can be used in every room of the house and on all surfaces to kill 99% of bacteria, such as E.coli and S. Aureus.

What’s S-Water you ask? In simple terms, it’s salt and water. But thanks to the cleaning system’s eActivator, it’s so much more than that too. Add tap water and table salt to the H2O e3, and the eActivator gets to work emitting low levels of electricity, breaking apart water and salt molecules to form two new oxidants: a powerful cleaner that cuts through grease and grime, and a powerful sanitiser and deodoriser. Now, if you’re thinking that surely this water and this cleaning device can’t be tough enough to tackle your home, then you’d be wrong. Especially when you take into consideration all the H2O e3’s features. Here’s what you’ve got:

eMop - a duel function mop head that allows you to lift and lock in dirt on one side, and dry and polish with the other.

eSprayer - the e-Activater can be detached from the mop to create a handheld spray bottle.

2 Mini eSprayers - for cleaning on the go.

eSqueegee - a handheld window and glass wiper.

Let’s start with floors

Whatever flooring you have in your home - luxury vinyl tile, laminate or hard wood floors - the H2O e3 gets them super clean and sanitised. The variable spray jet nozzle is your tool of choice as it applies just the right amount of S-Water onto your floor - not too wet, thank you! You can use the ergonomic handle and trigger to comfortably spray and manoeuvre the mop head to lift any dirt. And it’s the microfibre side that dries and polishes the surface.

The big kitchen clean

There are a lot of surfaces in the kitchen that need a deep clean often, and the H2O e3 is the tool for that. If the cupboards or the floors in your kitchen are wooden, then the mop function as described above is what you need. If you have tiles in the kitchen, the eSprayer and a cloth is all you need to get the tiles and grouting looking great again. You can use the eSprayer and a cloth on the cooker and countertops too.

Give your bathroom a brilliant shine

The eSprayer makes easy work of cleaning any bathroom worktops, toilets and sinks. Do you have glass shower doors or panels? Then use the eSprayer to apply the S-Water, then grab the eSqueegee and clean from top to bottom to wipe away any dirt off the glass.

Where else?

The S-Water is perfect for deodorising the interior of your car, the eSprayer can be used to get those alloys sparkling, and the eSqueegee will get your windscreen and windows crystal clear.

You can use the eSprayer to sanitise and deodorise the particularly smelly and dirty places in your home too, such as pets’ beds and accessories, and children’s toys and highchairs.

Where needs steam?

Carpets, curtains, clothing and upholstery are best deeply cleaned using a steam cleaner, such as the H2O X5 or the H2O HD. Again, using the power of steam, no chemicals are needed - just water!

So, there you have it: all the surfaces you can clean using the H2O e3, a sprinkle of salt and trusty tap water. Who knew that deep cleaning could be so simple?

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