Introducing the revolutionary H2O iGO Cordless Steam Mop – new and available to buy now!

Introducing the revolutionary H2O iGO Cordless Steam Mop – new and available to buy now!

When it comes to steam cleaners, our H2O range is at the forefront of science and technology. We’re constantly innovating to bring you eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are highly effective and economical. And we’ve done it again.

The floor steam cleaner, reinvented

Launching this month is the H2O iGO Steam Mop, set to forever change the way you steam clean. Get ready to experience the chemical free, germ-killing benefits of H2O steam cleaners with two new innovations: drier super steam and hybrid technology.

Read on for everything you need to know about the revolutionary H2O iGO Steam Mop – and to hear what homeowners are already saying about it.

What makes the H2O iGO the best steam mop?

The H2O iGO works more efficiently than other steam cleaners, thanks to its closed pressurised system, which creates a more powerful and drier super steam. Its state-of-the-art design means the steam is focussed on the front of the mop, targeting the stains or spills you need to tackle the most.

Then there’s its hybrid technology. The H2O iGO is the only cordless steam mop in the range, giving you the freedom and flexibility to clean anywhere around your home. Plus, there’s no hassle of tangling or tripping when manoeuvring this portable machine. Simply unclick its cord and away you go.

And if you’re worried about how long this cordless steam mop can last, don’t be! With a 1 litre capacity water tank, you get 80 minutes of cleaning time without stopping to refill.

Where can you use the H2O iGO?

Take the H2O iGO wherever you go. Upstairs or downstairs, indoors or outdoors. The H2O iGO can steam clean a range of floors including vinyl, laminate, sealed hardwood, marble floors, patios, decking and more. Plus, you can use its attachable glider to refresh carpets and rugs.

Why should you switch to steam cleaners?

Every floor steam cleaner in the H2O range harnesses the power of heat and water to deep clean your home. The H2O iGO releases super-heated steam at 210 degrees, which kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses. And because it doesn’t need harsh chemicals to clean, it’s safe to use around children and pets.

How does it compare to traditional steam cleaners?

While traditional steam cleaners are effective at cleaning sealed floors and carpets, as well as killing germs without the use of chemicals. They’re no match for the innovative features and benefits of the H2O iGO.

From its hybrid technology for cord free movement to its closed pressured system for drier targeted super steam, even its ability to take on outdoor floors, the forward-thinking H2O iGO is a huge step above traditional steam cleaners.

A final recap of the H2O iGO features

Hybrid technology for hard-to-reach areas

80 minutes uninterrupted cleaning time

Closed pressurised system for targeted, drier “Super-Steam”

Kills 99% of germs, viruses, and bacteria

1 litre water tank so you don’t have to refill every time

Plus… it comes with an oversized mop head to clean a larger surface area, a carpet glider for refreshing carpets and rug, as well as a variable steam control and easy-roll wheels for hassle-free cleaning.

What are homeowners saying?

Taking customer feedback on board, we’ve set out to make steam cleaning even better. Here’s what people are saying about the newest addition to our award-winning collection.


“The H2O iGO is the best! I can use it corded or uncorded and the tank is huge. It holds enough water to clean my entire house without refilling” – Alison B


“I’m killing germs as I clean and sanitize my floors with just pure water. I don’t have to keep bending down with the cord, I can unclick it and move around my house freely” – Emily G


“I’m totally impressed H2O iGO. I love that I don’t have to worry about my grandchildren being exposed to harmful chemicals” – Steve H


Ready to find out if this really is the best steam mop? Shop the H2O iGO today!