How simple science helped create ‘the only cleaner you’ll ever need’

British Science Week is all about celebrating achievements in science, technology and engineering. It takes place over 10 days between 11th and 20th March 2022. The theme for 2022 is ‘Growth’, so it seems fitting to celebrate a scientific discovery of our own. One that led to the creation of a cleaning product which has grown in popularity the world over. It is of course the Thane H20 e3 system.

Meet the Thane H20 e3 cleaning system...and S-Water

Everyone wants to keep their home and family free from viruses, germs and bacteria, especially after the pandemic. So what if you could create your own household cleaner and sanitiser, quickly, easily and cheaply, whenever you needed it? If you think that would be useful, you should give the Thane H20 e3 system a try. In a little under 10 minutes, the Thane H20 e3 system turns simple tap water and table salt into a potent yet 100% safe cleaning solution, called S-Water. This has the power to cut through grease and grime, kill germs and get rid of odours.

S-Water is safe to use around your children and pets because it’s totally non-toxic. But even better than that, it costs just pence to make. So instead of adding expensive, chemical cleaning products to your shopping trolley each week, you can simply reach for your Thane H20 e3 cleaner every time you need to spot-clean or deep-clean your home.

The simple yet smart science behind S-Water

Your Thane H20 e3 system works like this. As soon as you switch it on, the e-activator electrolyses the tap water and table salt you’ve added, using low-voltage electricity. What this does is change the molecular structure of the solution. In doing so, it creates two powerful oxidants: sodium hydroxide (a degreaser) and hypochlorous acid (a sanitiser). This is what’s known as S-Water. The combined strength of S-Water wipes away grease and grime and also sanitises as you wipe. Even better, add a drop of white vinegar to your S-Water and it will remove bad odours too. And remember... S-Water is totally safe to use around your pets and your children, so you can be confident it’s the right choice for your home.

3 ways you can use S-Water in your home

1. Spot cleaner for hard surfaces

S-Water does a great job of spot-cleaning hard surfaces like door handles, which are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria because of just how many times they get touched. Likewise, you can use S-Water to sanitise your kitchen counters and chopping boards, helping to keep them free from germs. But you can also use S-Water to stay on top of your regular household cleaning jobs like mopping the floors, wiping the windows and polishing your mirrors.  

2. Deodorise smelly areas

Some things in your home will always be a bit pongy. For example, your kids’ trainers or football boots, your pet’s bed, or your kitchen bin. What’s great about the Thane H20 e3 system is that not only does it help to keep these things clean, but it also keeps them pong-free too. Just leave it to dry until it forms a thin white residue, then brush away to leave whatever your cleaning smelling fresh.

3. Top to bottom cleaning

Your Thane H20 e3 can be used to clean your home from top to bottom Whether it’s removing soap scum from your bathroom, mopping up spillages in the kitchen, or even wiping off algae from your conservatory roof, S-Water can be used in every room of your home.

Say goodbye to single-use plastic

Most household cleaning products on the market rely on harsh and harmful chemicals to get results. But that’s not their only downside. Many come in plastic bottles that are sealed shut so they can’t be refilled. This means an awful lot of empty bottles end up needing to be recycled, or worse, in landfill. By contrast, your Thane H20 e3 comes in a bottle that never needs throwing away. You simply refill it, charge it up and get cleaning every time. It cuts down on your costs, on the number of bottles you have to carry home from the supermarket, and on the number of bottles taking up cupboard space, too!

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