How to keep your bathroom germ-free the green way

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to develop, we’re talking you through some of the best solutions for keeping your home clean and hygienic, so you can protect yourself and others.


In our article ‘How to keep your kitchen germ-free the green way’, we told you that germs can spread in two ways. Either from person to person, or by touching unclean surfaces and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth.


As well as your kitchen, you should also put your efforts into cleaning your bathroom. This is because they have many high traffic areas that can enable virus molecules to spread. What’s more, they are in nature damp and warm places, making them the perfect playground for pathogens to multiply.


Here’s how you can keep your bathroom germ-free the green way:


What cleaning products should I use?

For the best results, we recommend purchasing a cleaning solution from the award-winning H2O range. With state-of-the-art steam cleaners, like the H2O HD as well as the revolutionary H2O e3 natural cleaning system, you’ll feel confident that you’ve got the most trusted products to protect your home.


The green cleaning products in the H2O range only use natural ingredients, which means you’ll not only be helping to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, you’re protecting your family, your home and the environment from harmful fumes and chemicals.


It’s also important to know that if cloths and mops aren’t properly disinfected, they can help spread germs around your home.


Cleaning your toilet and sink

Not only is your bathroom a hotbed for bacterium, it is also one of the toughest rooms to tackle with all those hard to reach places.


One of most effective ways to clean your toilet and sink is with the H2O HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner. Like all steam cleaners, the H2O HD uses water vapor to clean, sanitise and deodorise a range of surfaces around your home. Its powerful jets and the high temperatures of the steam loosen, lift and lock-in dirt and grime, whilst blasting away 99% of harmful bacteria.


The H2O HD comes with handy attachments too, like the e3 Jet Nozzle and Nylon Brush that are ideal for cleaning toilets and sinks. Simply detach the quick release hand-held unit from the mop and get to work. Make sure you clean both the U-bend and toilet bowl regularly.


Cleaning your toilet seat and handles

For surfaces that you’ll be touching often, like your toilet seat and tap handles, turn to the H2O e3 natural cleaning system. This clever cleaning solution can kill 99% of bacteria, such as E.coli and S.Aureus.


The gadget’s eAcivator emits low levels of electricity to generate a powerful cleaning solution called S-Water, made up of tap water and table salt, which effectively cleans and sanitises your home.


The H2O e3 comes with innovative features, like the eSprayer and eSqueegee for cleaning a variety of surfaces. The eSprayer is perfect for cleaning your toilet seat, toilet handle and other tap handles. Simply use it to spray the S-Water onto the surface and wipe any germs with a clean cloth.


The H2O e3 is also safe to use on glass shower doors and panels. You should apply S-Water™ to the area with the eSprayer, then use the eSqueegee attachment for a streak free finish and to wipe away any bacteria on the glass.


Why green cleaning is beneficial for everyone

Green cleaning is the use of cleaning products that are made from environmentally friendly ingredients, just like the products in the H2O range.


H2O products don’t use any toxic chemicals, artificial fragrances or artificial colours. Plus, you won’t need to keep buying cleaning products that contain such chemicals. By going green you’ll be doing your bit to keep yourself, your family and the environment safe.


If you want to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria in your bathroom, check out the latest cleaning solutions in the H2O range. Click here for more information.