How to keep your kitchen germ-free the green way

It’s now more important than ever, due to the current climate, for you to thoroughly clean and sanitise your home in order to protect yourself and others from Coronavirus.

 We know germs can spread from person to person, but the virus can also be transmitted by touching unclean surfaces then touching your eyes, nose or mouth. To stop germs spreading in your home, you should focus on cleaning high traffic areas where germs thrive, like those found in your kitchen and bathrooms.

 In this article, we’re talking you through the best ways to keep your kitchen germ-free.

 What cleaning products should I use?

Did you know that cloths and traditional mops can spread germs further if they are not properly disinfected? That’s why we recommend using the highly effective cleaning products found in the H2O range. From the H2O HD steam cleaner to the H2O e3 natural cleaning system, you’ll find lightweight, fast and powerful solutions to stop the spread of infection.

 The cleaning products in the H2O range are also eco-friendly, as they only use natural ingredients. This means by going green, you’re not only helping to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, you’re protecting your family, your home and the environment from harmful fumes and chemicals.

 How to clean your kitchen surfaces and appliances

Your kitchen is where you cook and eat, and where you spend a lot of time with your family, making it a hotbed for germs to spread.

 To ensure your kitchen surfaces are sanitised properly before and after use, we suggest using the H2O e3 Natural Cleaning System. This state-of-the-art cleaning product uses a revolutionary cleaning technology called S-Water. Put simply, the H2O e3 produces low levels of electricity to create a powerful sanitising solution made from only tap water and table salt.

 The H2O e3 is effective as some of the best-selling cleaning products, and can banish 99% of germs and bacteria. Best of all, you can use it over and over again – it’s the sanitiser that never runs out!

 The H2O e3 can work on multiple surfaces in your kitchen. So as well as cleaning your countertops, it can clean the exterior of your cooker, including the electric hob, cooker door, handles and knobs.

 The most effective way of cleaning kitchen surfaces is with its handy attachment, the eSprayer. Simply spray the surface with the S-Water™ solution and gently wipe any food or dirt away, whilst killing germs with a disinfected cloth. Make sure you dry worktops and chopping boards to ensure germs don’t multiply.

 How to clean your kitchen flooring

It’s also important to regularly clean your kitchen flooring to remove visible dirt, as well as germs and bacteria. And there’s no better way than with a H2O Steam Cleaner from Thane.

 Steam cleaners work by producing hot water vapour that’s released through powerful jets, which blast away 99% of harmful bacteria crawling on your kitchen flooring. Yet it’s the high temperatures of water vapour (200 degrees) that ultimately kills the germs.

 Steam cleaners, like the H2O HD, can clean many types of flooring, including sealed tile, sealed hardwood floors, sealed laminate, carpet, marble, ceramic and stone flooring.

 When cleaning your floors, make sure you follow the instructions provided in order to achieve the best results. We suggest cleaning in straight lines, so you don’t miss any spots and leaving the floor to dry properly, as dampness can allow germs to multiply.

 Why you should go green when cleaning

With many of us now staying indoors and practising social distancing, air pollution and CO2 emissions are falling, which can only be beneficial for the environment – as well as yours and your family’s health.

 Green cleaning is another way you can help keep everyone safe. H2O products use only natural ingredients, which means they are free from toxic chemicals. Investing in a H2O steam cleaner or the H2O e3 natural cleaning system, means you won’t need to keep buying cleaning chemicals or other products, further reducing your own carbon footprint.

 Want to stop the spread of Coronavirus in your kitchen? Count on the latest steam cleaners in the H2O range – and the revolutionary H2O e3™. Click here for more information.