How to safely clean your home with children

We all want to keep our homes spic and span. And sometimes that means calling for reinforcements. Encouraging your children to help out with basic household chores is not only a great way for them to learn new skills, but having a few extra helping hands will free up time in your jampacked schedule.

 Before they get started, you’ll want to feel reassured that the cleaning products your family are using are as safe as possible. That’s where the H2O e3 Cleaning System comes in. With no harmful fumes, harsh chemicals or irritant dyes, this multi-purpose cleaning product is safe for the everyone to use.

 Are cleaning products hazardous to your health?

As you know, regular cleaning not only ensures your home looks as good as new, it helps to kill germs and reduces the risk of illness.

 However, it’s important to be aware of the negative effects of certain cleaners. Many common household cleaning products contain harmful chemicals and toxic substances that can be bad for your health, and worse, your child’s health.

Numerous studies have found that some cleaning agents can cause irritation to skin and eyes, as well as add to respiratory problems and trigger allergies. For example, chemicals that are used for cleaning flooring aren’t meant to be inhaled into your lungs. Breathing in these fumes can increase the risk of asthma, as well as cause wheezing in young children.

What’s more, mixing cleaning products can also be a hazard, as you’re exposed to a wider range of substances. So, in order for you to lower your family’s exposure to harmful chemicals, you need a non-toxic cleaning product that does it all.

 Is the H2O e3 Cleaning System eco-safe?

The H2O e3 Cleaning System will leave every room of your home sparkling clean and germ-free without the use of chemicals. That’s because, this everyday cleaner only needs natural ingredients to work.

 The H2O e3 eActivator supercharges the water you drink and the salt you eat to create an all-natural cleaning solution called S-Water.

 Low levels of electricity break apart the salt and water molecules to produce two new powerful oxidants (NaOH & HClO). What’s created is a powerful solution that can cut through dirt and grime, as well as sanitise and deodorise multiple surfaces around your home. S-Water has been proven to kill 99% of germs and bacteria and viruses including Influenza & H1N1.

Plus, due to its innovative features, the H2O e3 can clean many different surfaces around your home. So, you can ditch dozens of harsh, chemical cleaners and rely on one super cleaner!

When you choose the H2O e3, you’re not only protecting your family from the spread of germs, you’re protecting them from toxic chemicals, which can accelerate various health issues.

Learn more about how you can clean your home safely with the H2O e3 Cleaning System.