Is cleaning your home costing you more than you think?

Is cleaning your home costing you more than you think?

Whether you’re the kind of person who finds cleaning therapeutic and oh so satisfying, or you can think of a hundred things you’d rather do than get out the vacuum cleaner, the simple fact is that we all have chores to do around the home. But with the average Brit spending around £150 a year on cleaning products, keeping our homes sparkling isn’t cheap! And that’s before the added cost of having to replace your cleaning tools…

Fresh and clean tools

The first rule of cleaning is to keep your tools clean. But do you know how often different products need replacing? Let’s take a quick look…

Those sponges you use to clean your dishes and wipe down your surfaces could be harboring bacteria like E. coli and salmonella, so it’s a good idea to replace them every week.

Considering that you dip your mop head into dirty water over and over again, it can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria. Ideally, you’ll need a new mop head every couple of months.

You’ll know if your feather duster needs replacing if the feathers are falling out. But in-between getting a new duster, shake it out outdoors, and give it a wash using warm water and soap.

Damp cloths are a breeding ground for mildew growth so need to be washed regularly and air dried when not being used.

Your plastic brushes tend to be more durable than cloths and sponges so a good wash every week or so will mean you'll only need to replace them once the brush starts to degrade.

If you’ve invested in a good quality vacuum cleaner, it should last for years as long as you keep on top of its maintenance, such as replacing bags and making sure suction nozzles are clear.

Finally, as long as you give your floor brushes and brooms a good shake and clean after using, they will last you a very long time. A top tip is to store them with the head upwards so the air can get to it.

The problem is, the pandemic has led many of us to clean more than ever before, which means we’re spending more money on cleaning products and replacing tools. So, with many of us already feeling the strain of the rising cost of living, we’re here to help you find ways to save money while still keeping your home spotless.  

 Timeless tools

Investing in smart tools like the H2O HD® steam mop can seriously reduce the amount of cleaning products you’ll need. Its powerful, multi-functional steam system cleans and helps sanitise your entire home. Plus, it doesn’t require any chemicals or cleaning products, as it simply uses ordinary tap water and turns it into super-heated steam to help sanitise and deodorise. A cleaning system that only requires tap water for a deep clean can save you hundreds of pounds on cleaning products over time.

Then there’s the H2O e3 – a cleaning system that uses low voltage electrical current to electrolyze water and salt and turn it into the S-Water cleaning solution that you can easily make yourself. All you need is tap water and table salt to make your very own cleaner-sanitiser that kills 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria, and breaks down and neutralizes odours in seconds. Again, creating your own highly-effective cleaning solution out of just water and salt can save you lots of money in the long term.

If you want to cut your cleaning costs and reduce the amount of chemicals you use in your home, now is the time to explore the H2O range!