Revealed: the best way to clean up after your pets

When the UK went into ‘lockdown’ back in March 2020, it prompted a big rise in pet ownership. According to a recent survey[1], almost 50% of people in Britain who owned a pet, added at least one more to their household during lockdown. Of course, if you were working from home during lockdown, you’ll have got to enjoy more time with your pet than you would otherwise have done. It also means you’ll have become much more familiar with their mess, too!

If you own a young pet like a puppy or a kitten, you’ll know that in the early days you have to spend a fair amount of time cleaning up after them. Until your puppy or kitten is properly house trained, you have to accept that you’ll need to mop up little puddles and clean up little droppings every now and then. And even as your pet gets older, they can carry germs that are harmful to humans. So, it’s really important you keep your home hygienically clean.

Try the H2O HD to get your floors clean in double-quick time

One way to keep your home germ and bacteria free is by using the power of steam – and that’s where the H2O range has you covered. The H2O HD, for example, not only cleans but helps sanitise your home, too. With its wide cleaning head, it covers more floor in less time, meaning you can whizz through your cleaning in a jiffy.

For pet beds and toys, steam clean with the H2O Steam FX Pro  

If you have dogs or cats, you understand that keeping their toys and beds clean and odour-free can be a challenge. So, you might like to know that the H2O Steam FX Pro gives you 5-in-1 versatility which can help you clean your home from top to bottom. For example, you can use the steam floor cleaner to give your rugs and carpets a deep clean – good news if that’s where your pet likes to curl up for a sleep. But then, with just a quick swap of attachments, you can switch to spot cleaning or upholstery cleaning. If your pet has a toy they’re always chewing, you can use the spot cleaner to sanitise it. Likewise, if your dog or cat’s bed needs refreshing, it’s easy. Just clip on the upholstery cleaner and away you go.  

For everyday cleaning, sanitising and deodorising, it’s got to be the H2O e3

If you have pets at home, one of the best ways you can keep your home properly clean is with the H2O e3. This ingenious device uses two basic, household ingredients – tap water and table salt – to clean, disinfect and deodorise your home. The magic happens inside the H2O e3 tank, when a tiny amount of electricity is passed through the salt-water solution. This generates two powerful oxidants, which not only dissolve grease but kills germs and bacteria, too. And the best bit is, these oxidants are completely harmless to children and pets. So, you can clean up after your pets confident that you’re not doing your furry friends any harm.

If you’d like to see how well the H2O range keeps your home clean, go here.