Switch to greener cleaning and save money with Thane

At the 2020 COP26 conference in Glasgow, there was a big focus on climate change. World leaders made a series of commitments to cut their carbon emissions and try to help prevent a climate crisis. So, on a global scale there’s already much being done to help save the planet. But do you ever wonder how you as an individual can help do your bit?

Why it makes sense to clean the greener way

One simple step you can take to reduce your carbon footprint is make the switch to greener forms of cleaning. Think about this: every time you clean your home, you have to use a chemical cleaning product. You probably have separate ones for different rooms in your home – bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, toilet cleaner, window cleaner and so on.

The trouble is a lot of typical household cleaning products are packed with nasty chemicals that really aren’t very good for the environment. They’re also pretty expensive. So, if you can find a better way to clean your home that’s more natural and less pricey, you’re on to a good thing, right? Well, that’s where the Thane H2O range of cleaners comes in.

Meet the H2O family of cleaners from Thane

The Thane H2O range of cleaners helps you keep your home not just clean but sanitised, too – and all without a chemical in sight. Take the Thane H2O HD cleaner. With its powerful steam it can clean work surfaces, floors, even curtains and clothing, with no harmful detergents. So, you get a lightweight yet powerful way to keep your home spotless... that’s also eco-friendly and safe to use around your children and pets too.  

Discover safe, eco-friendly cleaning with the Thane H2O HD steam cleaner here.

Likewise, the Thane H2O e3 and eActivator are both eco-safe, economical and effortlessly effective ways to keep your home clean. Not with steam this time, but with table salt and tap water. Both machines generate a low-level of electricity which transforms saltwater into two powerful oxidants. One is strong enough to cut through grease and grime, the other helps to both deodorise and sanitise the surfaces you’re cleaning. Like the Thane H2O HD, both the Thane H2O eActivator and e3 are totally safe to use around your children and pets, as they require no harsh cleaning chemicals. But here’s the best part...

Tap water and salt cost next to nothing, so you save money

Because the Thane H2O range needs nothing but tap water (H2O HD), or tap water and table salt (H2O e3 and eActivator), once you make the switch you instantly start saving. No more adding expensive bottles of branded cleaning products to your shopping trolley week after week. And just think, when you need to top up your H2O cleaner, you don’t have to drive to the supermarket, you just turn on the tap, or dig out the salt from your store cupboard. So, you’ll save on petrol driving to the supermarket and you’ll cut your carbon emissions, too!