The history of spring cleaning and its benefits

We love spring – and who wouldn’t? It’s lighter and warmer outside. The flowers are blooming and the birds are back. It’s also when we breathe new life into our homes, thanks to a good old-fashioned spring clean!

 But have you ever wondered how the tradition came about? Or why we have a sudden urge to spruce up our homes in March and April? Or what spring cleaning will look like in the future? Well, before you open your cleaning supplies cupboard, read this article.

 What is spring cleaning?

Spring cleaning is the annual tradition of deep cleaning your home from top to bottom. For centuries it’s been a way of wiping away the doom and gloom of winter and making a fresh start. Depending on the culture, spring cleaning can happen anywhere between the beginning of March and the end of April each year.

 Where does it come from?

During the 1800s, people would clean each room to rid their homes of dust and soot that had built up during winter. A thorough cleaning required opening your windows and letting fresh air in, which was only possible in the warmer months.

 It’s unclear exactly where spring cleaning originated. The ritual has roots in a number of religions and cultures:

  • The Iranian festival of Nowruz, also known as Persian New Year, happens on the first day of spring. It’s celebrated by “khooneh tekouni” or “shaking the house”, when people spend time cleaning their houses.
  • In Jewish custom, people clean their homes in preparation for Passover, which happens in springtime. It began as a way of removing any yeast bread or chametz crumbs from the home.
  • In Catholic custom, the church alter is cleaned the day after Good Friday, which is usually in March or April.
  • The Greek Orthodox Church also spring clean on the first day of Lent, known as Clean Monday.

Is spring cleaning in our human nature?

Spring cleaning has a lot to do with human biology. During winter months, your brain produces less melatonin because of lack of sunlight, which makes you sleepier – and could be why our homes are messier. We simply don’t have the energy to clean.

So, when the days begin to get longer and the sun starts shining, we wake up from our slumber and feel ready to spring into action and clean our homes!

Why should you do it?

Restoring your home to order has many benefits for you, not just your home. Here’s a few of them:

  • Supports your immune system – indoor pollution can sometimes be more damaging to our health than outdoor pollution. Spring cleaning gets rid of allergy triggers, such as dust, mould, germs and pet danger.
  • Reduces your stress levels – cleaning makes you feel good, whether it’s the sense of achievement or switching off from the outside world. The clutter in your home lets you clear the clutter in your mind. It’s a repetitive task that lets you focus on something else for a while.  
  • Improves your heart health – no matter how much you clean; it all counts as physical activity. Spring cleaning can help you burn calories, which benefits your overall fitness.
  • Increases your productivity – when we feel good about our surroundings, we are more productive. Decluttering your workspace will make you less distracted and free up your thoughts to concentrate on other tasks.

What does the future look like?

Gone are the days of dusting with old rags or scrubbing on all fours, new technologies have arrived – and they’re right here. The innovative steam cleaners in the H2O range are revolutionising spring cleaning.

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