Try garment steaming instead of dry cleaning

When you leave your clothes at a dry-cleaners, do you actually know what they do with them? Few people do. In fact, what they often do is soak your clothes in perchloroethylene. It’s basically the chemical that gives your clothes that ‘clean’ smell when you get them home and take off the plastic wrapping. But there’s a problem. ‘Perc’, as it’s sometimes abbreviated to, is carcinogenic and has been linked to an increase in certain cancers amongst people how work in dry cleaners.

The 2020 COP26 conference in Glasgow placed a big emphasis on cutting down on practices that contribute towards climate change. And the bad news is that Perc is not just bad for people but bad for the environment too. Studies have shown that Perc can release harmful emission into the air when it evaporates and even leech into the ground if it’s spilled. This means it can seriously endanger both local plant life and our waterways. If you’re concerned about the potential climate crisis, one small change you can make is to switch away from harmful chemical cleaners.

Why steam cleaning is better for your clothes

One alternative to chemical dry cleaning is to steam your clothes instead. Steam cleaning has a couple of really useful advantages. Firstly, when you steam your garments, you don’t just get them clean but you sanitise them too. That’s because the steam is heated up to such a temperature that it can kill 99.9% of bacteria. Secondly, the steam lifts stains and odours out of the fabric. So you don’t need any chemical cleaners but you still get that ‘washed, fresh and pressed’ feeling on your clothes.

Discover handheld power with the Thane Steam FX Pro

The Thane H2O Steam FX Pro is a handy steam cleaning tool.  What’s clever about it is the way it switches from a floor cleaner to a handheld steamer in just seconds. And with its powerful jet of steam it’ll tackle more or less any cleaning job you throw at it. Your Thane Steam FX Pro comes with a range of attachments for every surface in your home – even garments and upholstery. So, in a matter of minutes, you can get your curtains, sofa and suits looking back to their best – fresh and clean.

Sanitise and clean your home with the Thane H2O HD

Packed with enough power to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, yet lightweight and easy to use, the Thane H2O HD makes cleaning your home super easy – and it’s so versatile. It’ll tackle everything from the big spring clean to simply refreshing your clothes. Even better, because it uses nothing but tap water turned into super-hot steam, your Thane H2O HD steam mop needs no detergents. So, you can do away with any harmful chemical cleaners in your home.

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