Unusual cleaning spots you might have forgotten about

So, you’ve cleaned your home from top to bottom, your kitchen is looking spotless, your bathroom is sparkling clean and the hallway floors are finally rid of messy footprints. But are you sure you’ve covered everything?

Dust and dirt can build up in the most unlikely of places around your home, many of which are hotbeds for germs and bacteria. And it’s these touch points that are easy to forget about come chore day.

To make sure you don’t miss them out, here’s a reminder of some of the most unusual cleaning spots and how you should tackle them.

Doorknobs, handles and light switches

They might not see a big build-up of dust and dirt, but these touch points are common breeding grounds for bacteria. Regularly cleaning high traffic surfaces like doorknobs, handles and light switches will help to prevent the spread of germs and keep your home safe and healthy for your family.

Fridge door

Just like you would clean the inside of your fridge, it’s important to pay attention to your fridge door, particularly around the door handle. It’s an area that is touched a lot, not just to reach for food but to stick notices and hang pictures. You could be spreading germs without even knowing it!

Remote controls and keyboards

Some of the most-touched surfaces in your home, like your remote control and keyboard, will easily pick up grease, crumbs and dust. Properly and regularly wiping them down, as well as cleaning in-between the buttons, will banish any dirt and bacteria harbouring.


When it comes to cleaning your kitchen, make sure your bin isn’t an afterthought. As well as being a high traffic area, your bin is home to rotting food and nasty smells. Be sure to spray and soak your bin to get rid of leftover dirt, as well as banish any stale odours.

Bathroom taps, handles and accessories

It’s easy to focus on the larger areas, like your flooring and shower, when cleaning your bathroom. But there are lots of other touch points and pesky places to clean. Your sink taps, toilet flush handle and soap dish are all teeming with grime and bacteria, so make sure you add them to your cleaning routine!

The H2O e3 Natural Cleaning System

So, what’s the best way to clean all these unusual places? We recommend the eco-friendly H2O e3 Natural Cleaning System.

This highly effective cleaner from Thane supercharges the water you drink and the salt you eat to create an all-natural cleaning solution called S-Water.

The H2O e3 eActivator, emits low levels of electricity into the mixture, breaking apart the salt and water molecules to produce two new powerful oxidants (NaOH & HClO). This allows the revolutionary cleaner to cut through dirt and grime, as well as sanitise and deodorise multiple surfaces around your home. The technology has been proven to kill 99% of bacteria such as E.coli and S. Aureus.

What’s more, the H2O e3 can tackle all those nooks and crannies around your home. The cleaner comes with many handy attachments including the eSprayer, eSqueegee and two mini eSprayers. So, you can clean and sanitise all those forgotten places without any worry.

Learn more about cleaning with the H2O e3 Natural Cleaning System.