Unusual cleaning spots you might have forgotten about... continued!

In our previous article, we discussed how dust and dirt can build up in unexpected areas around your home. Many of which are high traffic surfaces, also known as touch points, that are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.

 When it comes to your cleaning routine, obvious areas like your carpets, toilets or kitchen countertops will get most of your attention, yet it’s just as important to clean and sanitise these unusual touch points.

 To make sure they stay on your radar, we’ve complied another list of unusual cleaning spots and the best way to tackle them.

 Mobile phones & landline

We’re all guilty of being on our phones too much. So, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that phone screens carry all kinds of germs, bacteria and viruses. Whether you’re texting or on a call, microbes can easily spread from your phone to your hands and face – or vice versa. Give your screens a wipe whenever you can!


If you leave your earphones lying around, they will quickly collect dust and dirt. This means you could be transferring germs and bacteria into your ears every time you use them. Make sure you clean your earphones to prevent the risk of allergic reactions, rashes and infections.

 Computer mouse

In part one, we mentioned the importance of cleaning your keyboard. You should also regularly clean your computer mouse. At home or in the office, your mouse is one of the most-touched surfaces, and therefore riddled with germs and bacteria. Simply spray and wipe away any gunk that’s stuck to its surface.

 Kitchen appliances

You’ve cleaned your countertops and washed your pots and pans, but what about all the touch points in your kitchen? Your kettle, microwave door and toaster will see a lot of traffic each day. Be sure to get rid of any built-up dirt, as well as food splatter to prevent the spread of germs around your home’s busiest room.


Probably the most unusual cleaning spot on our list is your letterbox. But if you have various post delivered each week, your letterbox could come into contact with all sorts of microbes. Keep your home safe by introducing this overlooked area to your cleaning routine.

 The H2O e3 Natural Cleaning System

You’re probably now wondering what’s the most effective way to clean all these touch points. It has to be the eco-friendly H2O e3 Natural Cleaning System.

 This 9-piece cleaner supercharges the water you drink and the salt you eat to create an all-natural cleaning solution that we call, S-Water.

 The H2O e3 eActivator, emits low levels of electricity into the mixture, breaking apart the salt and water molecules to produce two new powerful oxidants (NaOH & HClO) to produce S-Water.

 This powerful solution can cut through dirt and grime, as well as sanitise and deodorise multiple surfaces around your home. The technology has been proven to kill 99% of germs and bacteria, such as E.coli, P. Aeruginosa, Salmonella & S. Aureus.

 What’s more, the H2O e3 is a multi-purpose cleaner. It’s versatile and innovative features means you can clean and sanitise all those tricky touch points with ease. The H2O e3 comes with many handy attachments, including the eMop with a Dual Function Mop Head, plus the eSprayer, eSqueegee and two mini eSprayers.

 Learn more about cleaning with the H2O e3 Natural Cleaning System.