Why H20 is the perfect way to keep your home clean this autumn

Autumn has arrived bringing blustery weather and a lot more rain into our lives. Of course, we still all need to get outdoors for some fresh air now and again. And that means coming home with soggy clothes and muddy boots more often. If you’ve got children, you’ll know they’re good and trampling mud all over the house after playing outside. Likewise, if you’ve got a dog, you’ll know your pet is all too happy to shake their soggy fur all over your soft furnishings.

So, if you’re a keen wet weather walker, you need an easy way to keep your home nice and clean. And that’s where the H20 range of steam cleaners come is really handy. Built to blast away dirt and bacteria, without any need for harsh chemicals, you can count on any model in the H20 family to keep your home beautifully clean.  

Hardwood floors at home? The H20 e3 works wonders

The H20 e3 is the latest genius addition to the H20 family. It performs 3 essential functions: cleaning, sanitising and deodorising your home. And it does it using nothing more than common table salt, tap water and a little bit of electricity. Put simply, the electrical current generated by the H20 e3 charges the salt and water molecules, creating two natural oxidants in the process. These have the power not only to cut through muddy footprints, grease and grime, but they actively sanitise your hardwood floor too, as well as leaving it fresh and odour free.

Gets rid of grime in your bathroom too

But your H20 e3 isn’t just for hard floors. You can use it to disinfect just about any surface in your home. For example, it’s absolutely brilliant in the bathroom. It cuts through soap scum as if it wasn’t even there, wiping it away first time, without a drop of cleaning chemicals in sight. It’ll even tackle those annoying spots of black mould that you get if your bath or shower room isn’t aired properly.

Need to clean your curtains? This H20 device has got your covered

Your curtains are one of those things that rarely get washed and cleaned. Typically, they’re a bit too big to go in your washing machine. And taking them to the dry cleaners can feel like too much of a mission. But with the H20 X5, for example, you can clean your curtains inside and out with nothing but the power of steam. Not only does this kill any dust mites that might be lurking deep in the fabrics, but it leaves your curtains smelling fresh and odour-free. (It’s also a good way to ‘iron’ out the creases, without the hassle of unhooking your curtains and draping them over the ironing board.)

Use steam power to disinfect your home as we head into winter

Bearing in mind what kind of year 2020 has been, we’re all making more of an effort to keep our homes germ-free. For many people, that means going through endless bottles of disinfectant spray. But the best bit about the H20 range is that you can keep your home both bacteria and germ-free... just with the power of steam. Take the H20 HD. It’s been lab-proven to kill 99% of germs & bacteria, including nasty bugs like Salmonella, E.coli, Influenza & Listeria. And unlike those spray bottles full of harmful disinfectants, your H20 HD never runs out. Just keep it topped up with tap water and you can keep your family safe and germ-free throughout the winter flu season.

Every H20 device is designed to keep your home as clean as can be. Discover which H20 device is right for you here.