Why triple-action electrolysed water (S-Water™) is such an effective greener cleaner

Have you ever picked up a bottle of household cleaner and felt like you need a chemistry degree to understand the ingredients? Ever wonder whether there was a way to keep your home clean without drenching it in chemicals? Well, there is something we’ve found to be really effective not just at cutting through grease but sanitizing and even deodorising your home as well. We call it S-Water™. But it’s more commonly known as electrolysed water.

 Electrolysed water (S-Water™) is simpler that it sounds

Despite its fancy name, electrolysed water (S-Water™) is incredibly simple to create. It starts with a mixture of two things you find any every household – water and salt. The salt/water mix (or saline solution to give it its proper name) is charged with a low level of electricity, which breaks apart molecules in the water and the salt. In doing so, it creates two powerful solutions: one a cleaner that cuts through grease and grime, the other a sanitizer and deodoriser.

 Scientific tests have proved electrolysed water (S-Water™) is as effective as chemical cleaners

In 2006, scientists at Penn State University ran an experiment to see just effective electrolysed water (S-Water™) is at cleaning. They ran the test on milk pipes, the kind you might find on a dairy farm. First, they flushed the pipes with bacteria-laden milk. Then they cleaned one set of pipes with chemical-based cleaners, and another set with electrolysed water (S-Water™). The results were impressive.

 In just ten minutes, the electrolysed water (S-Water™) had eliminated all bacteria and left the pipes as clean as those washed with chemical-cleaner.

 How electrolysed water (S-Water™) can effectively clean anything in your home

Electrolysing water creates two powerful cleaners. The first cuts through grease and grime, the kind you might find in your kitchen or bathroom. The second acts like a disinfectant, eliminating most household bacteria in the same way bleach does. However, because it doesn’t contain the same harsh chemicals as bleach, it can safely be used on your carpets and soft furnishings, as well as floors, walls and ceilings.

 Electrolysed water (S-Water™) is eco-safe

It’s only natural to want to know that what you clean your home with is safe to use. One of the great things about electrolysed water (S-Water™) is that it is 100% eco-safe. That’s good news for your family, your pets and your home in general. Unlike supermarket chemical cleaners, electrolysed water (S-Water™) doesn’t produce any harmful fumes, nor does it contain chemicals that can irritate your skin. Plus, because it’s made with just salt and water, it costs just pence to make, reducing the number of chemical cleaners you need to buy – and the amount of plastic cleaning bottles you need to throw away.      

 Now you can use the power of electrolysed water (S-Water™) in your home

The revolutionary H2O e3™ Natural Cleaning System brings the power of electrolysed water S-Water™ to you. By miniaturising the technology needed to create electrolysed water S-Water™, you can have the perfect eco-safe cleaning solution for every job around your home. Simply add water and salt and the built-in patented H2O e3™ eActivator electrolyses the solution to give you incredible cleaning results – whether you’re doing a deep-cleanse or just the day-to-day cleaning.

 You can find out more about the H2O e3™ Natural Cleaning System here.