Why you should choose a garment steamer over an iron

Staying in? Now’s the time to stay on top of all your household chores. Whether you’re de-cluttering cupboards, cleaning all those nooks and crannies or sorting through your closet, there’s lots of tasks you can tackle as you spend more time at home.

 If ironing is at the top of your to-do list, we’re discussing why you should choose a garment steamer over an iron, and introducing you to the best steamers that you can buy.

 What is a garment steamer?

Garment steamers are designed to smooth clothes and remove creases. Unlike an iron, a steamer takes wrinkles out of clothes without the need to make any contact or apply extreme heat directly onto the clothing. Instead, the jets of steam are able to relax the fabric from a short distance away, whilst the item is suspended on a hanger. And because a steamer works vertically, you don’t need an ironing board.

 5 reasons to use a garment steamer

Here are five reasons why buying a garment steamer is a good idea:

  • Use on delicate items of clothing – because no contact is made with the fabric, there is little chance of burning or damage.
  • Quick and easy to use – you’ll be able to whizz over clothes in less time than when using an iron. Most garment cleaners are lightweight, handheld devices that are simple to maneuver.
  • Don’t need an ironing board – you can leave your clothes on their hangers, which makes the process faster and you’ll need less space to use the steamer.
  • Use when you’re on-the-go – due to their compact size, many people choose to take garment steamers when travelling.
  • Multiple functions – many garment steamers, including H2O Steam Cleaners, can be used for other jobs around your home, like refreshing carpets and upholstery.

The secret to wrinkle-free clothes

If you want to breeze through your laundry, look no further than the H2O Steam Cleaning range from Thane.

 With award-winning products like the H2O SteamFX, H2O X5 steam cleaner, and H2O Lite, there are many powerful, effective steamers for you to choose from.

 Like all steam cleaners in the range, the H2O HD steam cleaner uses water vapor to clean, sanitise and deodorise multiple surfaces around your home, including sealed flooring, appliances and windows.

 This advanced cleaning system has powerful jets that blast away dirt and grime, whilst the high temperatures of the steam help to kill 99% of harmful bacteria.

 The H2O HD is a multi-functional device that comes with many handy attachments, including the angled Jet Nozzle and Nylon Brush.

 It’s not just hard surfaces that the H2O HD can tackle. Thanks to its quick release handheld unit and attachable microfibre cloth, the H2O HD can also be used as a garment steamer. The attachment is lightweight and simple to use, so all you need to do is direct the steam close enough to the fabric without touching it and watch the creases disappear. Say goodbye to ironing!

 Remember, steam cleaners should only be used on sealed surfaces. It’s important to test the steamer on cloth if you’re steaming for the first time. Be careful not to over steam your clothes as the high temperatures can damage the material.

 So, if your piles of laundry are starting to build up, look to our range of H2O Steam Cleaners and make laundry day a little easier.