20-minute workouts you can do at home – part 2 intermediate routine

If you’ve got a busy schedule, or don’t want to brave the cold, wet weather to work on that fitness goal that you’ve set yourself for 2020, then we’ve got the perfect workout for you.

Take a look at our 20-minute workout that can be done in the comfort of your home. Not to mention the workout has been specially designed to work with our new Orbitrek X17 multi-path trainer.

The Orbitrek X17 is the first of its kind. It’s nothing like your traditional exercise machines as it has 17 different burn paths, as opposed to just one. Not to mention the Orbitrek has multiple workouts built in – stepper, treadmill, stair climb, elliptical, cycling – you can do it all. With amazing features like a compact footprint, finger touch resistance and interactive electronics, the machine is designed to help you activate more muscles, burn more calories and beat exercise boredom! Simply adjust the settings to the type of workout you want to do. 

Warm up

4 minutes

Start off by ensuring that your Orbitrek X17 is set to a low resistance. We’d recommend between resistance levels 1-3 for the warmup. Then begin peddling, ensuring that you maintain a comfortable pace for four minutes.

Level 1

3 minutes

Once you are warmed up, increase your resistance slightly so that you are working harder than you were in the warmup. Here we’d recommend increasing the resistance by 2 levels. Again, make sure that you are maintain a comfortable pace for the duration of the three minutes.

Level 2

5 minutes

Level two is where things begin to pick up. As with level 1 you should increase the resistance level of your Orbitrek X17 further for a continuous five minutes. For level two we’d recommend your resistance being set between 4-6.

Level 3

5 minutes

Level three is the hardest section in this workout, and this is the section where you should be working at a high exertion level. For level three we’d recommend adjusting the resistance of your Orbitrek X17, so that it is at the highest setting you feel comfortable pushing yourself to. You will work with this setting for five minutes.


3 minutes

Now that the hard work is done its time to cool down. Similar to the warmup, you’ll need to adjust your resistance so that it is back to where you started for the warmup, or gradually work at decreasing these over three minutes.

This workout and exercises are just a suggestion and won't work for everyone. It’s important to modify each exercise to your own fitness levels and schedule.

Click here to find out more about the Orbitrek X17, and how you can begin your fitness journey today.