20-minute workouts you can do at home – part 3 Advanced routine


If braving the wet, cold weather to get yourself to a busy gym after work isn’t the way you want to achieve this year’s fitness goal, then take a look at our quick 20-minute advanced workout. Did we mention the full workout can be done in the comfort of your own home? This means you can work out whenever and however you want.

Plus, you can even use our WonderCore Smart for many of the exercises mentioned throughout this workout, including push ups, bridges and situps. The 6-in-1 system helps you to scult your body, tighten your core and tone your muscles in no time. That why it’s no surprise the WonderCore Smart is a must have for all fitness fanatics.

Before you begin the workout make sure you are warmed up correctly by stretching out your key muscles including hamstrings, shoulders, triceps, lower back and hip flexors.

  1. Extended leg bridge

Start by getting into the bridge position, then lift one foot into the air and extend so that it is straight. Make sure that you keep your foot flexed throughout this position. Don’t forget you can use the WonderCore Smart to help you here. Start by doing three sets of five on each leg.

  1. One-legged pushup

Start in your usual pushup variation and lift one leg off the ground, then complete the pushup. By lifting just one leg this will create more of a challenge. Start by doing three sets of five then build on this. You can also use the WonderCore Smart to support you with this exercise.

  1. Overhead squats

Get into a squat position and extend your arms overhead. Continue as you would with your squat but make sure you keep your arms extended throughout. Start by doing three sets of ten.

  1. Elevated pike pushups

If you elevate your feet whilst you are in a pushup position this will make for a harder pushup variation. Again, you can use the WonderCore Smart to give you support with this exercise.

  1. Jumping lunges

If you’re looking for an exercise where you can quickly feel the burn, then this is the perfect! Start by doing three sets of ten and building this up as you start to feel more comfortable with this movement.

  1. Advanced bird dog

Come down onto the floor in a plank position ensuring that your spine is straight. Start by lifting one arm and the opposite leg simultaneously and repeat on opposite sides. Work towards doing three sets of ten on each side, then build this up once you feel confident with this move.

  1. Side plank with hip abduction

For this exercise you will need to get into a side plank position, making sure that you plank from your foot instead of your knee. Add in a leg lift for a full hip abduction and repeat on both sides. Work towards three sets of five on each side, then adapt to your fitness goals.

  1. Hollow hold to jackknife

For this move start by lying on your back and extend your arms above your head. Whilst you are engaging your core, lift your upper body and legs off the floor and hold. Add in a jackknife by crunching up and bringing your arms overhead towards your toes and your legs near the centre of your body. Start by trying a few of this exercise out, then once you feel confident with this move build this up.

Note: Make sure you contract your abs throughout this move.

This workout and exercises are just a suggestion and won't work for everyone. It’s important to modify each exercise to your own fitness levels and schedule.

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