Thane Direct UK Limited – Extended Limited Warranty

Terms and Conditions

(A) What Services are provided under the Warranty?

The Thane Direct UK Limited (“Thane UK”) extended limited Warranty (“the Warranty”) entitles the purchaser(s) (“the Purchaser” or “you”) of the product to which the Warranty relates (“the Product”) to the rights set out herein (“the Services”) on the following terms and conditions.

Please note that your rights under the original Warranty are unaffected by the Warranty.

1. Repairs/Replacement Parts: For a period of two (2) additional years from the end of the original twelve (12) month Warranty period, Thane UK will (at its sole discretion) either repair defects to the Product, rebuild defective parts or supply a new replacement Product or parts at no charge.

Where replacement parts are supplied, Thane UK shall retain the original parts.

(B) What to do if your Product breaks down or develops a fault

In the event of a problem with the Product, you should contact Thane’s service centre on 0344 571 7511. The representative will discuss the problem with you and try to establish whether the problem is due to incorrect operation of the product or an actual fault. Where a fault is established, unless one or more of the limitations set out in Paragraph C.2 applies (in which case the fault will not be covered by the Warranty), s/he will let you know whether you need to return the Product (or a part of it) to Thane UK, or if

  1. a replacement Product/parts will be sent to you; or
  2. a refund will instead be given.

Where it is necessary to return the Product (or parts of it), you shall be responsible for making the arrangements and shall bear the costs of shipping/postage.

Please note that you must quote the Order Reference Number and Purchase Date shown on your invoice when you contact the service centre and if you make a Warranty claim. Thane UK reserves the right to refuse to provide any Services where these details are not given.

(C) Limitations

1. Discretion to replace/refund: Thane UK may at its sole discretion elect that instead of repairing the Product or providing replacement parts as set out in Paragraph A, to either replace the original Product with one of the same or a similar type (and if a different type of equal or greater value) or refund the Purchaser the sum equal to the original Product purchase price (excluding the cost of postage and packing). In such circumstances, Thane UK shall retain the returned Product.

2. Excluded faults:

The Warranty does not cover:

  • cosmetic faults (such as scratches or damage to trim or associated marks caused by normal use of the Product and where its functionality is unaffected);
  • faults caused where the Product has been used contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions or has been misused, neglected or modified in any way;
  • circumstances in which the Product has been used other than by the Purchaser and his/her family; or
  • consumable, replaceable items such as fuses, batteries and light bulbs, which shall not be replaced under the Warranty.

3. Non-transferability, geographical limitations: The rights of the Warranty are limited to the Purchaser and cannot be transferred. The Services will be provided only to products bought and used in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

4. Termination of Warranty: The rights under the Warranty are limited to a single claim per Purchaser, following which the Warranty cover ends. However, a “single claim” may cover more than one fault and/or replacement of more than one part provided that Thane UK is notified of all claimed defects at the same time.

(D) Refund Policy

You can:

  • cancel the Warranty and receive a full refund within the first 45 days of commencement of the Warranty
  • cancel the Warranty and receive a proportional refund based on the unexpired period of cover if you cancel after the first 45 days after commencement of the Warranty, provided no claim has been made under the Warranty up to the date of cancellation.

To cancel the Warranty you must give written notice to Thane UK by email to cs@thane.tv

(E) Personal Details

Your personal details will be dealt with in accordance with Thane UK’s Privacy Policy, details of which appear on our website.

(F) General

These terms and conditions constitute the whole agreement between you and Thane UK relating to the Warranty. In agreeing to them you acknowledge that you have not relied on any other statements, representations, or assurances.

Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

This Warranty does not affect your statutory rights. For further information see the Additional Information on our website or contact your local Consumer Help Agency.

Extended Warranty – Additional Information

This summary has been prepared to help you to decide whether or not to purchase the Thane UK Extended Warranty (“the Warranty”), where offered in relation to a given product. The terms and conditions that apply to the purchase of the Warranty are available above. The cost of the Warranty varies depending on the product and warranty period (one or two extra years).

(A) Your Statutory Rights [and the Original warranty]

Whether or not you purchase an extended warranty, you have, as a consumer, various statutory rights that apply to the purchase of goods. These include the right to claim for a refund (or compensation), repair or replacement if goods were when sold not of satisfactory quality or fit for their purpose. Within the first six months, the burden of proof is on the retailer to establish that the goods purchased were of satisfactory quality and fit for their purpose. However, after the first six months, the onus is on the consumer to prove that the goods had a fault when they were purchased. Further information on your rights can be obtained from your local Consumer Help Agency.

(B) Other Extended Warranty providers

Extended warranties are also available from other providers such as manufacturers and insurers. Your household contents insurance may also provide cover against accident, fire or theft.

Purchase of Warranty after purchase of Products
You can buy the Warranty from us at the same time as you purchase a product and up to 30 days thereafter by contacting our Customer Service team.

Right to Cancel
The Warranty can be cancelled as follows:

  • By giving written notice to cancel within the first 45 days of taking it out – a full refund will be given; or
  • Provided no claim has been made under the Warranty, by giving written notice to cancel after 45 days – a refund based on the unexpired period of cover will be given.

To cancel the Warranty written notice is required to be given to Thane UK by email at cs@thane.tv

Termination of Warranty
The rights under the Warranty are limited to a single claim per Purchaser. However, for these purposes provided they are all notified to Thane Direct at the same time a “single claim” may cover more than one fault and/or replacement of more than one part.

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